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Tommy Weber Baseball

Baseball Coach  |  Player Advocate  |  Expert Instructor


Tommy Weber

Is a nationally known and respected baseball coach with a commitment to player development and the highest level skills instruction. Dozens of Weber’s former players have gone on to play professionally, including SF Giants first-round pick Hunter Bishop, Brandon Martorano (C) and  Chris Wright (LHP) of the SF Giants, NY Yankees and Minnesota Twins OF Zack Granite, Seattle Mariners pitcher Matt Festa, Chicago White Sox OF Steele Walker, Toronto Blue Jays IF Logan Warmoth, Toronto Blue Jays OF Ryan Noda, Arizona Diamondbacks OF Dom Canzone, Detroit Tigers IF Gage Workman and St. Louis Cardinals LHP Zack Thompson.

Tommy offers instruction at the college and professional levels

Having Tommy as a coach was the best thing that's ever happened to me as a player, he loosens you up and knows so much about the game. I had the most fun playing the game under him, and I am the player I am today because of him. There is only one way to play this game and that's have fun. Make mistakes and LEARN from them. It's a hard game and you are going to fail. Tommy taught me how to deal with failure and turn it into a positive. The best baseball mind you will ever play for. If you are willing to learn and get better, Tommy Weber is your guy.

What His Players Say


When I met Tommy Weber I was at a crossroads in my career. The 2 summers I spent playing for him propelled my career forward and I wouldn’t be where I am today without him. Coming off an injury my first summer all I wanted to do was prove I belonged on his team, but I soon learned that Tommy believed in me more then I believed in myself. Tommy took my game and my mind to a level where I knew I could compete with the best. I fed off his professionalism and attitude, which taught me how to be a better player, a better teammate and most importantly a better man.  Tommy never expected you to be perfect, but he always expects a perfect effort. Tommy worked hard for you so you wanted to work hard for Tommy, simple as that. 

The effort he puts in for his guys is second to none; whether it was early work at the field, mid game advice, or just a casual conversation in the dugout. Win, lose or just a normal practice, there was always a lesson to learn from Tommy. I find myself continuously using the knowledge and lessons passed on to me over those 2 summers, on and off the field everyday. 

My experience with Tommy does not extend to long days at the field hammering out hammering out physical work together, but what time I have been able to share with him via unforgettable meals, phone calls, text messaging and every other form of communication has had a much greater impact on my career than much of my time spent spinning in circles going through monotonous, dogma driven "work" that is too often required of players. Many of our conversations lean towards a much more creative way of thinking than most of the current buzzword jargon-filled ways that people use to describe the game of baseball which, in my opinion, is much more of an art than it is a set of defined rules.                                                                                                        Tommy's background of music and art coupled with knowledge of baseball make for a refreshing person to be around as a player and deserves the utmost attention. With Tommy you are surely receiving guidance that is well thought out, inventive and most importantly open for conversation. With that being said, Tommy has my full endorsement and eternal thanks for all that he has armed me with. With him I know that the future of the game is heading in the right direction and as always I look forward to our next interaction.  

The Conversation with Tommy Weber

Tommy hosts and produces “The Conversation with Tommy Weber” a podcast covering baseball, sports, cultural issues and  much more.  It's currently available on your favorite podcast platforms.  He's been a frequent contributor on TV and radio, including WFAN, WOR, CNN, HLN and Fox News, and has provided color commentary for St. John’s Big East Baseball and Verizon FiOS1 Sports.

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