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Zac Lowther, Baltimore Orioles

I had a ton of great experiences with Tommy.  I think the biggest thing he helped me with was my confidence and my ability to stay calm.  For me, and many others, confidence is a big deal.  I have always been confident in my abilities, but Tommy helped me in my humility and taught me how to be humble.  He was always calm in his mannerisms and how he carried himself, and that definitely rubbed off on me!

Logan Warmoth, Toronto Blue Jays

Tommy Weber is one of the most knowledgeable infield coaches I have encountered in my life!  So many of the drills I do today I learned from Tommy.  He truly cares and loves to help you get better each and every day you come to the field.  It’s not a coincidence that I won the Brooks Wallace Award the year after I worked with Tommy in the Cape Cod League.

Kyle Datres, Colorado Rockies

Tommy Weber is one of the best coaches I have had the pleasure to work with in my baseball career.  I was able to work with him for two months this past summer in the Cape Cod League.  Coming into the summer, I was told from a previous player that had worked with Tommy (Logan Warmoth) that if I wanted to get better over the course of the summer, then Tommy was the guy I needed to work with.  He was not wrong.

Mickey Gasper, NY Yankees

I met Tommy Weber this past summer when I joined the Brewster Whitecaps.  I had read his bio, and how it said that he brings the Whitecaps a proven record of player development and leadership.  At that time they were just words.  I did not realize the impact he would actually have on all of us during our championship season.

Tommy’s knowledge and understanding of the game, both the physical and mental aspects, are unsurpassed.  Personally, he gave me support on the field, in the dugout, and with how I carried myself in life.  Tommy Weber is a true professional.

Nick Dunn, St. Louis Cardinals

I am very thankful to have had the opportunity to work with Tommy over the past two summers.  His years of experience and knowledge of the game are unrivaled.  He cares for his players not only on the field, but off the field as well.  The knowledge and lessons he provided on a daily basis will stick with me forever.


Brandon Martorano, San Francisco Giants

To know Tommy Weber is to know excellence. Tommy’s expertise and insight into the game of baseball, and by extension, the game of life, is second to none. Under Tommy’s tutelage I have not only grown exponentially as a baseball player but as a man as well. Tommy is as receptive to player feedback, adaptive to difficult situations, and innovative in his thinking that there is anywhere in the sport today. Having the privilege to learn from him day in and day out has been one of the greatest joys of my life and I will be forever thankful for all I have learned from him. I am a better ball player and a better human being because I know Tommy Weber! 

Ryan Noda, Toronto Blue Jays

Tommy is someone I lean on for baseball knowledge.  Great mind, caring about the development of a player both mentally and physically.  Helps me learn the game on my own by giving me tips of what to look for and how to approach situations.  Has helped me grow in my mental game tremendously by visualizing where to go before a play happens.  Exceptional knowledge for the game that not many people have to offer.  Best thing is he is a magnificent person to be around and learn from.

Marty Costes, Houston Astros

Tommy Weber made the game a learning experience for me.  Each day, class was in session around him – even if you just wanted to get a little bit wiser about life.

He allowed me to really be more in control of my own game and feel better about myself.  He is a man with so much wisdom that I was truly grateful to be around.  It was impressive to realize that he knew so much about the game at so many different positions.  It showed me that he is a hard working man.

Tyler Zuber, Kansas City Royals

Tommy is a friend of mine that I met in the summer of 2016 while playing in the Cape Cod League.  Talk about a guy who knows his stuff about infield, baseball, hitting, and life!  I could talk with Tommy for hours about anything and be laughing or ready to go out and play.

He is very knowledgeable about the game of baseball and is always willing to help and give his advice on things.  He is a great guy and a great friend who I can always reach out to!

Will Tribucher, Colorado Rockies

Tommy Weber has a great feel for the game of baseball.  I have never played under a coach who takes such an advanced, yet simple and direct, approach to teaching fundamentals, the mental game, and specific skill training.

His knowledge expands past baseball and he does a great job teaching life skill which carry with you off the field.

Ken Arnold, Chicago Cubs, Baltimore Orioles, Texas Rangers

Tom has been my friend and mentor since the day I walked onto Dr. Bill Willett’s field at Wagner College in 1988. From the moment I met him I could see his passion for the game of baseball. His enthusiasm for the game inspired me to follow in his footsteps and become a student of the game. He taught me to learn all aspects of the game, play with passion and to always try to become a better player every time I walked onto the field.

Hunter Bishop, San Francisco Giants

Tommy Weber is the king of baseball knowledge. He knows every in and out of the game and fits what it means to be a true “players’ coach.”  His detailed experience in studying the swing has allowed him to have a true hitting approach and set philosophy.

From one summer of playing for Tommy I have seen my game reach a new level, not only physically but mentally as well. A great friend and a great coach, there are not a lot of better people out there than Tommy Weber.

John White, Montreal Expos, Wagner College Hall of Fame

When it comes to baseball good luck finding someone who has as much insight on what it takes to be successful in the game as Tommy Weber.  He has a unique perspective to baseball and delivers a message that is truly worthwhile.  There might be other coaches that you listen to when you want to raise the level of your game but Tommy Weber should always be the last person you hear.

Julian Infante, Florida Marlins

I could not have asked for a better coach and friend over my two years with the Brewster Whitecaps.  Along with mechanical adjustments, Tommy showed me ways to make the game of baseball simple. He reminds his players that baseball is fun and by working diligently the results take care of themselves.

Chandler Taylor, Houston Astros

As amateur players, we gravitate towards sharp minds while trying to sift through the clutter of useless information.  Tommy is one of the sharpest baseball minds I’ve been around in my career, and the cherry on top is his approachability.  He prefers “player advocate” over “coach” because that’s exactly what he is.

Having Tommy as a coach was the best thing that's ever happened to me as a player, he loosens you up and knows so much about the game. I had the most fun playing the game under him, and I am the player I am today because of him. There is only one way to play this game and that's have fun. Make mistakes and LEARN from them. It's a hard game and you are going to fail. Tommy taught me how to deal with failure and turn it into a positive. The best baseball mind you will ever play for. If you are willing to learn and get better, Tommy Weber is your guy.


When I met Tommy Weber I was at a crossroads in my career. The 2 summers I spent playing for him propelled my career forward and I wouldn’t be where I am today without him. Coming off an injury my first summer all I wanted to do was prove I belonged on his team, but I soon learned that Tommy believed in me more then I believed in myself. Tommy took my game and my mind to a level where I knew I could compete with the best. I fed off his professionalism and attitude, which taught me how to be a better player, a better teammate and most importantly a better man.  Tommy never expected you to be perfect, but he always expects a perfect effort. Tommy worked hard for you so you wanted to work hard for Tommy, simple as that. 

The effort he puts in for his guys is second to none; whether it was early work at the field, mid game advice, or just a casual conversation in the dugout. Win, lose or just a normal practice, there was always a lesson to learn from Tommy. I find myself continuously using the knowledge and lessons passed on to me over those 2 summers, on and off the field everyday. 

My experience with Tommy does not extend to long days at the field hammering out hammering out physical work together, but what time I have been able to share with him via unforgettable meals, phone calls, text messaging and every other form of communication has had a much greater impact on my career than much of my time spent spinning in circles going through monotonous, dogma driven "work" that is too often required of players. Many of our conversations lean towards a much more creative way of thinking than most of the current buzzword jargon-filled ways that people use to describe the game of baseball which, in my opinion, is much more of an art than it is a set of defined rules.


Tommy's background of music and art coupled with knowledge of baseball make for a refreshing person to be around as a player and deserves the utmost attention. With Tommy you are surely receiving guidance that is well thought out, inventive and most importantly open for conversation. With that being said, Tommy has my full endorsement and eternal thanks for all that he has armed me with. With him I know that the future of the game is heading in the right direction and as always I look forward to our next interaction.  


Connor Smith, Cleveland Indians

I don’t even know where to begin.  The first day that I met Tommy, I knew two things: 1) That he was a very special person, and 2) That he would change my life.

Being a guy from a mid-major school, I went to the Cape kind of intimidated and didn’t know if the coaches would work with me.  Boy was I wrong.  Tommy would always be one of the first guys at the field, and would always say to me, “Hey, got your glove?”  Every time I heard that, I knew I was about to get a lot of work in.

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